Car Count 4
Mod Count 43
Total Mileage 471000.00

What do you do for a living?
Pizza delivery
What is your dream car?
McLaren F1
What was your first car?
I forget, '83 Buick Begal, I think...

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Daily Driver

1999 Montreal Blue BMW Z3 Coupe

Date Purchased: 02/10/2007
Miles Driven: 129000
Modifications: 23

My beautiful new Z3 Coupe, bought on Feb 10, 2007. I like this blue more than the old one, although the Atlanta Blue was beginning to grow on me. A lot of the mods I had on the Roadster will be going on the Coupe, so I've got some work ahead of me. As always, adding lightness will be top priority. Mods planned: K&N cone air filter w/heat shield, Forbesized diff mount,...what am I forgetting?... Mods done, to be documented: none, currently...

Starting weight, bone stock, 3/4 tank, Feb 20, 2007: 2,980 lbs. 1,540 front, 1,440 rear: 52/48 split.

Current weight, July 2, 2007, 1/2 tank, CAT certified: 2,720 lbs. before the SuperTrapp and the trunk floor mods...

Target weight: 2,700 lbs.

Daily Driver

1997 Atlanta Blue Metallic BMW Z3 2.8l, now dead

Date Purchased: 12/18/2005
Miles Driven: 136000
Modifications: 14

The pics w/stock rims are of an unwashed stock Z3, as I bought it. Although it looks like it's been raked a bit in back, b/c of the 110lbs I've taken out of the trunk by removing the spare, tool kit, rear bumper pendulum weights. Whee!

Starting weight, 01/03/06: 2,920 lb.

Final weight, 06/16/06: 2,655 lb.

RIP August, 2006. Totaled.

Daily Driver

1997 Black Dodge Dakota standard cab, short bed

Date Purchased: 08/08/2000
Miles Driven: 86000
Modifications: 0

This thing was nice when I first got it, although it was a stripper. Used it in pizza delivery, autoX, everything. Mods inside and out. It's got the Jeep 2.5l 4 cyl in it. But now, it's been in so many accidents (mostly 5mph, 1 big wreck) and has so many little things wrong with it, I don't use it except for pizza delivery. Which sucks in the winter, cause there's no heat or defrost. And I just replaced the water pump, b/c THAT blew in the middle of a dinner rush. *sigh* It's paid for, tho, like all my vehicles.

Daily Driver

1995 White Honda Civic

Date Purchased: 06/30/2006
Miles Driven: 120000
Modifications: 6

I bought this thing from a friend for delivering pizza, as it gets a bit better mileage than the truck. Heh. Threw a rod two weeks later, so I swapped in a B18. Now I'm collecting the parts for an LS/VTEC conversion. Thing runs great. LEGOs.

Mods to be documented: Polyurethane bushings everywhere. Aftermarket shocks. Integra 24mm front sway bar.

Current weight, 08/31/08, est: 2,600 lb.

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