Car Count 4
Mod Count 3
Total Mileage 101500.00

What do you do for a living?
Law Enforcement
What is your dream car?
Porsche 911 GT2
What was your first car?
1968 Camero
Any shout-outs?
Put down the damn cell and pay attention!

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Winter Car

2007 Jet Black BMW X3 Off Lease, 6 Speed Stick, M Sport Package, Cold Wheather Package

Date Purchased: 01/10/2009
Miles Driven: 28000
Modifications: 1 I put out feelers to every BMW dealer in New England. Looking for an X3 with a stick. Perfer black on black. Yeh, right....Be lucky to find a stick period! After 3 years of nothing the new Mazda (yah, I know...)CX7's had just come out. Looked kind of cool and went to check em out. Found a black on black, loaded. And I mean loaded with every dealer option besides factory. (It was the owners demo) Great price so I bought it, having given up on a used X3. While the AWD was great in snow and it was comfortable, it got boring fast. And as for the "paddle" shift being "just like a manuel"...not even close. One day while checking the BMW site for used cars (for the 1ooth X)I spotted it at a dealer 2 hours away. Not only a black stick, but the sport package as well! The picture looked great so I called and tryed to sound "sort of" interested. Drove down to take a look on a lousy, snow/rain mix January day and the "excitment" was back in driving! (sounds like I'm writing a friggin add) They took the Mazda in trade. Gave me a good price and came down on the X3. It had a small scratch to repaint so the salesman agreed to deliver it to my home and pick up the Mazda when done, saving me another 4 hours of driving. Finally happy to have found my X3 and it's never boring to drive.

Daily Driver

2005 Tan With black points. 4X4

Date Purchased: 10/22/2005
Miles Driven: 500
Modifications: 0

5 yr.old Reg. AQHA/IBHA Dunskin G. 4 Hoof drive.

Daily Driver

2007 Black Motorcycle 2007 HD Deluxe

Date Purchased: 05/12/2007
Miles Driven: 8000
Modifications: 1

Daily Driver

2001 Jet Black BMW Z3 M Sport Package, 5 Speed Stick, Prem.Package, Heated Seats

Date Purchased: 12/05/2000
Miles Driven: 65000
Modifications: 1

Before the Z3 I never thought I'd own a BMW. While my parents 1st Beemer was a 1976(?)1600(? Going way back here folks)then a 2002 (model, not year)I was just ignorant about them and thought the old beemers where kinda ugly. ;) Then the styling of the Z3 caught my eye and on a lunch break, went and took one for a ride. Well, that 1 ride was all it took. Had to have that car! Ordered it set up just the way I wanted and 2 months later had it in the garage. The only up-grade was the stereo system and I mean custom, not HC. It took half the trunk for the RF amp. but it was worth every square inch. After blowing out the factory speakers 2x I could finally blast the tunes with the top down. Speaking of the top down....I hate to drive if I can't put it down. People think I'm crazy but with heated seats and the wind net thing, 25 degrees isn't bad at all! Never can understand why people buy convertibles and always have them up. Also, have never had a single problem with this car other then the regular ware stuff. Even have the original battery! Starts up the first turn every spring even though I keep saying "this is the last year it will". Biggest expense has been the front rotors. Exhaust shines like new since I've stored it every winter. Would NEVER think of selling & don't really care for the Z4. Oh, and the tires make the biggest difference in the way this car handles! Am back to and will stay with Mich's. Have Pilot, PE ??? and can't MAKE these suckers squeal on corners. lol. So this is my summer car and I needed a winter car but sure didn't have $48,000...(continued on "X3" describtion)

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